Lumineux Uno

A new type of precious metal has been launched by the Leading Jewellers of the World (LJOW), which is an amalgamation of gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. The new age metal termed as “Lumineux Uno” is especially for the millennial generation.

Lumineux Uno in India will primarily be available in form of bars and coins and will prove to be a reliable investment commodity as the price volatility is anticipated to be much lower than the investment in the individual metals. It offers the durability and beauty of gold and platinum at a fraction of their prices.

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Lumineux Uno will be distributed through “Leading Jewelers of the World” India through its exclusive agents and distributors across top 50 towns and cities of India. Its luster and resilience render well for intricate jewelry designing and manufacturing and the excitement from the retail for advance orders of Princess jewelry crafted with Lumineux Uno has been highly encouraging.


Sanjeev Agrawal, LJOW, a director said “The price of gold in India has seen the highest jump in the recent months -an increase of over USD 200 per ounce because of global investment demand following the UK votes favoring the exit from EU. So while the investor community is very pleased with this global phenomenon making gold and silver as all time favorites for investment returns, the Indian retail trade and consumer are faced with some amount of disappointment with the gold jewelry prices sky rocketing. Lumineux Uno is an innovation that promises to provide an alternative precious metal with a higher luster; is sharper and more malleable; at far more affordable price than gold and platinum and more precious than silver”

In the new ad campaign by Lumineux Uno Urvashi Rautela talks about the beauty and high durability of this brand new metal.


She promoted on twitter too


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